Introducing Goblin Garden

By Jacob Brennan September 18th, 2023

Ahoy there! I'm Jacob Brennan, and I've been making games online since 2001. This is my new website, Goblin.Garden! I'll be posting all my new games here, as well as dev updates, videos, and other extras. But today I'd like to talk about gardening, what it means to be a video game gardener, and why that means better games for you!

Why a Garden?

To me, gardening is about putting a lot of love, attention, and skill into a small area. A garden is a limited space, and we have to get the most out of it. We don't have million dollar budgets, large teams of developers, or the time to add every feature we can dream of. What we do have is focus. We focus on each part of the garden to make sure it does one thing and one thing well. We carefully choose what to grow in our garden to make sure that all our features support each other. If a feature in our garden isn't doing well, we take care of it. We give it what it needs to grow and become healthy again. Most importantly, a garden is something you take care of for a long time. Individual games may grow and die as the seasons pass, but the garden is always growing and beautiful in all seasons.

My Promise

This is my goal: To create games that you will love to play. Games that are tuned and balanced for fun. Games you come back to because you honestly enjoy them, and enjoy playing with the other people here.

What's next?

This month I'll be adding an updated version of one of my old games (Goblin-Like) to this site. I'll also update the site itself. Expect both of those updates around mid-October. Until then, you can follow me on Cohost. I post updates now and then, but so far they've been about my vegetable garden. See you soon!